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22nd March 2005: Conference at EKO-Konsult in Gdansk concerning: Management of geodata in spatial and regional planning by the process GeoROP

The conference started with the presentation of a draft concerning a transnational project of cooperation by Planungsbüro Dehrendorf and the GIS-provider
Land und System GmbH Bremen.

Konferenzteilnehmer Danzig

These participants presented an innovative process for the computerized outline of spatial and regional plans (GeoROP), which has been developed by Dehrendorf in the years 1998 to 2004.

The presented process has been applicated in Friesland for the first time and is made to meet the requirements of spatial and regional planning in Germany.

The main target of the project is to develop the GeoROP Prototype into a WebGIS-application suitable for the spatial planning requirements of all european countries and all users, who introduce spatial plans (i. e. regional masterplans, preparatory land-use plans, landscape plans etc.) in public and private planning agencies, universities and research institutes. An important part of the software development is the integration of a userfriendly interface to manage the participation of citizens and public authorities (E-participation).

At first the requirements of the polish side are to investigated. This was a main subject of the conference.

The second step of the project is the establishment of a syndicate with the following participants:

A suitable developement programe is CRAFT (Cooperative Research Action for Technology) which is intended especially for transnational projects for developement and research by the european comission.

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